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Ministries and Activities for All Saints, Holy Cross and St. Anthony.

Altar Servers
- All Saints:
Julie Eisenhut
- Holy Cross: Cas Flanagan
- St. Anthony: Keith Randolph
Boys and girls from Grade 3, who have received their first Eucharist, are invited to become altar servers for Sunday Masses and other special liturgical celebrations. Adults often serve at funerals and holy days.

Arts and Environment
- All Saints:
Andra Benson
- Holy Cross: Diane Kimmich
- St. Anthony: Pam Senter
The Arts and Environment committees work to decorate the Church for the seasons and to keep with the themes of the Gospels.

- All Saints:
Julie Eisenhut
- Holy Cross: Nan Lisk, Mary Streeter
- St. Anthony: Fran Sovocool
These Committees provide luncheons and receptions for funerals.

Bible Study
- All Saints:
Diane Schafer
- Holy Cross: Barb Ivers
- St. Anthony: Deacon George Kozak
Holy Cross offers a weekly Bible Study after the 9AM Mass on Wednesdays. A different book or aspect of the Bible is studied and explored from a personal and communal faith dimension. Deacon George Kozak offers seasonal Bible Studies for the three Parishes.

Buildings and Grounds
- All Saints:
Dennis Osika, Wayne Genung, Randy McDonald
- Holy Cross: Tom Dorman
- St. Anthony: Gary Cornelius
The Building and Grounds crews handle the Church properties. Also covered are St. Anthony's two cemeteries.

Catholic School Education
- Immaculate Conception School 320 West Buffalo Street, Ithaca, NY 14850 (607-273-2707)
- St. Mary's Elementary School 61 N Main St, Cortland, NY 13045 (607-756-5614)
- Notre Dame High School 1400 Maple Ave, Southport, NY 14904 (607-734-2267)

Collection Counters
- All Saints:
Julie Eisenhut
- Holy Cross: RoseMarie Bobnick
- St. Anthony: Pam Senter
The Collection Counters handle the money collected at the weekend masses.

Faith Formation
Faith Formation Page
- All Saints:
Andra Benson
- Holy Cross/St. Anthony: Mary Ann Kozak
A program of religious education is provided for Pre-K to eighth grade for children not enrolled in a Catholic School. Also, opportunities for Adult Faith Formation are offered at various times during the year.

Finance Committee
- All Saints:
Dan Brown
- Holy Cross: Tony Salerno
- St. Anthony: Chuck Rankin
The Finance Committee is a consultative body, which provides advice concerning the administration of parish financial and material resources.

Knights of Columbus
Men of our three Parishes are invited to join the Knights of Columbus Council #277 headquartered in Ithaca, New York.

Women and men volunteers, both young and old, who are prepared and comissioned are scheduled to proclaim the Word at Sunday Mass and special liturgies.

Liturgy Committee
- Joint Committeei for all three Parishes:
Deacon George Kozak
- All Saints: Tyson Benson
- Holy Cross: Barb Ivers
- St. Anthony: Keith Randolph
The Liturgy Committee has the responsibility for assessing the spiritual needs of the people of the parish and making recommendations on sacramental policies and practices consistent with the norms established by the diocese and the universal church. The Joint Liturgy Committee for all three Parishes is headed by Deacon George Kozak.

Ministers of Communion
Men and women volunteers who are prepared and commissioned, distribute the consecrated bread and wine at the Liturgy at Sunday Masses and special Eucharistic Liturgies. They bring Holy Communion to the Nursing Homes and Hospitals and the Homebound.

Ministers of Hospitality and Ushers
Women and men volunteers prepare the church for the celebration of the Mass, cordially welcome all who arrive for Mass, and invite people to participate in the presentation of the gifts at Offertory time, take up the collection,secure it in security bags amd lock it up at the end of the celebration. After Mass they also turn off the lights and tidy up the church.

Music Ministry
- All Saints and St. Anthony:
Julia Phillips
- Holy Cross: Jeanne Pellerin, Barb Ivers
Our Music Ministry provides music and singing at our Sunday celebrations and at other special events. Opportunities for music training and for children's participation are available.

Parish Life Committee
- All Saints:
Julie Eisenhut
- Holy Cross: Barb Finney and RoseMarie Bobnick
- St. Anthony: Gerry Randolph
This Committee coordinates those events in the parish which bring parishioners together, such as spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts and social gatherings.

Pastoral Care of the Sick
- All Saints:
Julie Eisenhut
- Holy Cross and St. Anthony: Mary Ann Kozak
Hospitals in Cortland and Ithaca are visited on an as needed basis. Nursing Home ministry takes place on a regular basis in facilities in Groton, Ithaca, and Cortland. Those who are homebound are visited with Holy Communion on a regular basis and arrangements are made for the celebration of the Sacraments of reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick.

Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the pastor. Made up of members from All Saints Church, Holy Cross Church and St. Anthony Church, the purpose of the Council is to provide recommendations to the pastor for parish priorities and directions, and to promote communication and understanding among the various parish organizations and between parishes, our diocese and universal church.

Prayer Chain
- All Saints:
Julie Eisenhut
- Holy Cross: Beverly Maynard and Doreen Dineen
- St. Anthony: Evelyn Rohde and Ginny Bradshaw
Parishioners are called to pray for special intentions at the request of individuals.

- All Saints, Holy Cross and St. Anthony:
Mary Ann Kozak, Judy MacNeil, Kathy Muller, Pat & Phylis Vrooman, Matt & Yolanda Connolly
People wishing to learn more about becoming Catholic or who wish to complete the Sacraments of Initiation are urged to join our RCIA program.

Annual Retreats for the men and for women of the parish are scheduled each year at Notre Dame Retreat House

Sacramental Preparation
- All Saints:
Andra Benson, Mary Ann Kozak (Baptism & Marriage)
- Holy Cross: Mary Ann Kozak
- St. Anthony: Mary Ann Kozak
A program of preparation exists for each of the Sacraments. Participation in the preparation program is neccessary before receiving any of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Marriage. Reception of the Sacraments is readiness based and presumes the candidate is participating in ongoing formation.

The Sacrastans set up for Mass and cleanup after Mass. They are involved in making sure that everything necessary for Mass is prepared include setting the books for the Mass of the Day.

Social Ministry (Justice & Peace) Committee
- All Saints:
Dennis Osika
- Holy Cross: Lois Fahey
- St. Anthony: Mary Ann Kozak
The Social Ministry Committees recommend strategic policies and programs, which address the social mission of the church. The Committee is engaged in careful study of church teaching and monitors social needs present in the area.

Youth Group
- All Saints:
Andra Benson
- Holy Cross: Pat Brennan
The Youth Ministry Program involves Senior High Youth in grades 9-12. Our Youth groups are involved in many activities including Mission trips, service projects and fun.