On-Line Forms

Listed below are PDF versions of our forms which can be downloaded and then filled out and brought or mailed to our Parish Office.
If you have any questions, please contact our Parish Offices (see our Home page.)

The information on the Baptismal form is required. It is preferred that a Baptism be schedule to held during Mass, but other arrangements are possible. Please contact the Parish Office to speak to Mary Ann Kozak or Deacon George.
- Baptismal Registration Form

Confirmation is scheduled with all of the other Churches in our region. The date is assigned by the Diocese and the sacrament is administered by the Bishop or one of his delegates. The information on this form is required and the confirmant will need to attend faith formation for the sacrament.
- Confirmation Registration

If you wish to use one of our Parish Halls for a function, please fill out one of the forms below.

- Policies and Procedures
- Sample Liability Insurance Form
- Contact Form
- Hold Harmless Agreement

- Holy Cross Hall Use Form
- Hold Harmless Agreement

ST. ANTHONY HALL USE FORMS - (coming soon)

Faith Formation (Religious Education)
Faith Formation is offered at all 3 of our Parishes. Please use the form below as a guide for the information that we need to register your child.
- Religious Education Registration Form

First Penance
First Penance is offered at the beginning of the Liturgical year. Special classes are given to prepare your child to receive this blessed sacrament.
- First Penance Registration

Below is a form to help us prepare for the funeral of your loved one. Also listed are song suggestions that can be used at a funeral.
- Funeral Liturgy Planning Form
- Hymns for Funeral Masses at All Saints and St. Anthony
- Hymns for Funeral Masses at Holy Cross

Holy Matrimony
Before setting a date for your marriage, please fill out the form below and contact our Parish Offices. Before any marriage can be set, a couple is required to meet with Fr. Daniel or Deacon George to do a pre-marital investigation. Couples in the Diocese of Rochester are further required to take a Fully Engaged Survey and participate in marriage preparation (pre-Cana) sessions.
- All Saints Marriage Registration Form.
- Holy Cross Marriage Registration Form.
- St. Anthony Marriage Registration Form.

Registering with our Parishes
- All Saints Parish Registration Form
- Holy Cross Parish Registration Form
- St. Anthony Parish Registration Form

Creating a Safe Environment (CaSE)
- CaSE Volunteer Policy
- How to Access CaSE Online Training
- Background Check Notification Authorization for Volunteers
- Volunteer Code of Conduct for Adults
- Volunteer Code of Conduct for Minors
- Volunteer Driver Form